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“News framing is the process of filtering and transmitting news through an angle or ‘frame’ in order to support specific ideologies, stimulate widespread attention or persuade an audience. As a form of selective reporting, news framing is a remarkably useful tactic for bloggers, journalists and marketers.”

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Read the above article from the point of view of your fitness business interactions. “Framing” various topics & articles that your clients & participants are not only interested in, but will also see and hear from outside sources will give you an advantage in combating many of the conflicting reports they will encounter. This works for direct interactions, article writing, presentations, and your website information. When you are the one, intelligently and ethically framing the situatioin, you are the one who is most presented as the professional.

This is being written on the blogs first day of existance. Soon I know there will be a large number of fitness professionals who happen by this location and I expect it to get a little crazy from time to time. So, I thought it might be nice to say hello and welcome while things are a bit quieter.

In the next week or so, just after June 1st we will release this and our partner’s blog locations to the thousands of active fitness professionals within the Fit Launch, Fit Bodies, Fitness Pro Travel, and the Fit Pro Biz communities. I expect a few of you reading this found your way here via those organizations. Glad you made it!

There are several reasons for establishing a blog communication system at this time. As you may know or will soon hear we have many changes, additions, upgades, and new services coming to our Fitness Pro Travel program. I hope to answer several of the questions that will arise from those changes in mass through regular posts here. Suzelle will be doing the same from her new blog

I know you will enjoy many of the new account offerings and options and I really hope to get your feedback so that we can continue to build features that are of benefit to you, your business, and your career.

Check back regularly and I’ll be talking with you soon.

Oh, and BTW – This is Tom Bomar. Many of you I have worked with directly at Fitness Pro Travel. I am a certified strength and conditioning coach, but via other education and experience I work a great deal on the technical side of the programs as well as business consultation for fitness professionals and related companies. You can find most of my activities at the Fit Pro Biz site.

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