Looking for ways to encourage clients to maintain their workout program. The list of reasons is long, but, possibly, at the moment, more important than worrying about developing plaque in your arteries, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, some cancers, loss of physcial function, etc. etc. may be their ability to receive emergency help in a crisis.

-Here is an interesting fact/policy they may need to know –

A tramatic accident can happen at any moment and will when you least expect it. The emergency services team in your area will respond to provide you whatever life saving care is necessary. That care may include a quick helicopter ride to the nearest trauma center.

….. will your client be considered for this mode of transportation?

In the last month, a NorthWest, air rescue company sent out notice to all local emergency services informing them of weight restrictions for medi-vac. No, I don’t recall specifically what the physical girth measurments are where you become inelligable (for flight safety reasons and available space in the helicopter), but I do know they begin asking specific question when the patients estimated weight is above 250 pounds.