Quick Note: Your replies to our email have been great. We have many new ideas coming in and like I thought, too much for me to be able to answer each one individually. Thank you all for the good commentary.

Couple items that have come in a number of times, but are already addressed in the site… We will try to make them more clear in the future.

  • Short descriptions of each resort and a link to their website can be found in the bottom border menu by clicking “view resorts”.
  • Also under that “view resorts” link, at the top of the page is a link to where we are starting to collect instructor provided photo’s.
  • The “faq” page has many answers to the most regularly asked questions. We will be adding a few more after all the feed back is in, but many questions coming in now are answered there now.
  • If you have been having trouble using the search features to find available dates, you can click on the “learn more” link found in the middle of your account page for detailed instructions.
  • Airport and transfer information is on the “manadatory general information download” document also found on your “my account” page.
  • To see resort reviews or to make a resort review, go to the product (where you would click checkout for the resort) and click on either link just below the product description.

There are just a few of the items/questions I’ve received this weekend that are readily answered with no changes or additions to Fitness Pro Travel. Other items have ranged from reducing airline costs, to addressing the fear of being moved off site from over booking, to finding more ways for the various specialty fitpros to communicate with each other, helping with business solutions to free up more time for travel, to a system for letting you know before dates are posted. Bottom line is they are all great and helpful… keep them coming. I’ll do another summary by next week of the many suggestions.