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OK – I got the details I mentioned yesterday for the best business of fitness conference around. It’s put on by one of the greats, Ryan Lee and includes many other successful presenters, which you can read about when you follow the link.

BootCamp III Info Here

Being just a good trainer, coach, or facility owner is not enough. You need real business strategies that work in the real world. Not the antiquated “hand out business cards and fliers” garbage most fitness companies teach you. Here you will learn real life proven techniques to generate added income even in a poor economy.

The information page is long and you can read every word or skip to the bottom if you already understand the value… but, don’t miss the “Big Brass Balls” guarantee. They are offering more than your money back if you don’t feel the conference is worth 10X your investment.

So, nothing to lose and a ton to gain – Hope to see you there!

BootCamp III Info Here

I was just updated this month that, what I think is THE premier fitness business conference in the country, will be running again this September. I will be having a conference call tomorrow to get the details on place and time and will pass it along. I’m very excited about this one and am trying to move my personal schedule around so that I can attend as well.

The conference isn’t like the “standard” industry conferences. This will be specifically geared toward taking your career/business to an entirely new level. Programs I’ve taken from a couple of these presenters has made a real impact on several of the fitness programs we offer. You won’t want to miss this one.

More details to come by Friday!
Keep your business Healthy, so you can keep your Clients Healthy.

I have posted in the past on the significant benefits available to the Fit Pro through networking. ( The internet has provided many opportunities for enjoying the social media benefits, that’s a major reason why it will be incorporated in the FPT upgrades.

Another location where you can take advantage of social networking is at  This site has powerful features, many of which you may notice are strangely similar to what will be appearing in the enhanced FPT site (only enriched and more specific to the Fit Pro industry). There are several levels to their membership, starting with free as well. I invite you to check it out, connect accounts with mine, and join the fitness professional “Group” when there.

Here is a link to my LinkedIn profile:

Once you create an account you can join the Fit Pro group at:

Several days back from the Vegas conferences and I’ve almost got my desk cleared. It’s funny how life doesn’t slow down much even when you start a new and significant project. The kids still want to go places and their coaches don’t think I should be able to take the day (or two) off from driving them to practice. Oh well, such is life.

Thought I’d share this little video clip with a few scenes from the IDEA conference. Lou Ann hung out at the Fit Bodies booth most of the time and did a great job of spreading the word about the Fitness Pro Travel program. Next was Tony who has traveled in the past and stopped by the booth several times to meet Suzelle (she’s quite the celebrity). The final portion with Missy and Marianne is a little advice for teaching yoga at the Hedonism resort.

Finally, I want you to know that we are still working on the upgrades and additions to the Fitness Pro Travel website. Seems that every time we talk about it, something new (and cool of course) gets added to the agenda. I am putting together a series of short videos that explains where we are heading in a bit more detail and how various options may work well for you and your career or business…. I encourage you or the friend you tell about the site to sign up soon as the one consistent piece of our discussions is that any fee options will be offered at a steep discount for those in the system who sign in to those fee options during the initial launch. That reminds me of another consistent discussion topic; You will always have the option of free access to your account and the travel opportunities.

More to come on that stuff soon.

Survived a very BUSY 5 days in Vegas

I attended the NSCA conference for a little self education and of course to cover several necessary CEC credits for my certification. Great time, met several new people, and walked away with a few new exercise tactics that will enhance the fitness business. NSCA is generally not a “business of fitness” type conference, but those new tactics are based on research and will ultimately provide greater results to my clients… greater results = greater “word of mouth… and you won’t ever get better marketing than having current & former clients/students walking around showing off your good work.

At the same time (or inbetween sessions) I ran the tram down to the other end of the strip to hang out at the Fit Bodies expo hall booth. Between walking the hall and meeting numerous other vendors as well as answering questions at the Fit Bod booth… well I don’t know which was more fun.

Met several current traveling pros and enjoyed the fact that EVERY other fit pro that stopped by the booth was not only intrigued by the traveling program we work with, but actually had a harder time coming to grips with the “to good to be true” fear. They learned of No Catch and I am certain we will have many more joining that community this next week.

We did get some real work done as well with several evening meetings on how to sort out the many new features we will bring to the fitness pro travel web site. There are many, and more that will be added soon after. What we did complete this week was putting together a couple simple, amateurish, informational videos for the community with Suzelle talking a bit about each property you have options of traveling to. Many people, in their comments about the site, simply wanted a little more description of the properties and this was the easiest way to supplement the information that is already there. The Fit Beach conference was also discussed and finalized information will be posted for this years November event soon.

I’ll get the video formatted and posted this next week and will give you some opinions on most practical and purchase worthy items of the expo… Anyways, it was a fun but tiring week. I have lots of new material to blab about here, but first I should unpack and get things back in order here.

An excellent information and marketing tool available to all Fitness Professionals is the written article. You can achieve both objectives in reaching your clients with valuable information while that same article provides a copious number of visitors back to your site.

Here is an except from a simple article on writing articles:

Just about anyone who has a business on the Internet uses article marketing as part of their marketing efforts. Article marketing is when a person writes an article related to a product or service they’re offering in an attempt to get more people to become their customer. Unfortunately not many people even know the right way to write articles.

One of the keys to writing articles is to make sure they will rank high on the search engines. This is done through search engine optimization. This means that the article is written using a keyword or a keyword phrase in the article so that the article appears when that keyword or keyword phrase is searched for.

You can follow the link above to read the entire article and then peruse the web site for further information on getting started with writing your own articles. I highly recommend this site for your article writing. Owner, Chris Knight, is a class act and you are provided many resources to get yourself going.

You are an expert in your fitness or sport field. Share your knowledge and enjoy the added benefits of having your article (and links back to your site) syndicated.

FYI – We are attempting several phase 1 changes to the fitness pro travel account. It’s really quit exciting to actually see as some of the new features begin to show themselves. It’s 10:45pm here on the West Coast and I’m playing email tag with Matt (the knowledgeable techie) as we begin to implement some of the basics.

If you log into your account now you will see some of the menu items that will go beyond the basics very soon. The new features are very robust and will enhance your experience, your business & career, and your knowledge. As a community with many opportunities for communicating and learning, we will all benefit. It’s a technical and fairly expensive processes, but in the end, it will not only be your working vacations that will be enriched.

You may have intermittent difficulties logging into your accounts as some of the changes occur. We plan to do the majority over the holiday weekend to cause the least disturbance.

Half way through 2008 and three new FIT Launch partners, along with their services for the fitness professional were estabilished. You can utilize the following links to see how these partner programs can enhance your Fit Pro Biz:

Magic Kitchen – Prepared client nutrition program
Conciant – Corporate and Personal conseirge service utilizing registered Fit Pro’s for their clientele
Reach Local – Pay per click advertising specialty services for the fitness professional
Healthy Gatherings – Business Model for the fitness professional to reach non club members

Just a little update… I’ll continue posting it here since even though you all are rather quiet, I see we are averaging about 100 pros each day who are coming by the blog.

With various COMMUNICATION suggestions being the most popular requests for the Fitness Pro Travel web site, I am working closely with those far more technically advanced to see what we can do. Not all cheap or easy, but I think we might have some sweet feature possibilities. I’ll know more and have a few more details on this in a couple days.

Additionally, to one extent or another we will address: Information and options for fitness education, creation of further detailed information on each resort location, attempting a method for auto notification of date/location releases, feedback forms, program review & options for business development, posting boards for employment & education… and we’ll continually be adding tweaks.

Like the title says these are not all easy… and in reality it’s a matter of not easy. The one thing we are learning in this process is that the technology folks can do just about anything… if you are willing to pay the price. We will be looking through a cost / benefit vantage in addressing each of these. While I/we have reviewed somewhat similar online communities, programs, functionalities, & services that have been suggested for FPT I cannot… do not foresee fee’s being imposed of several hundred dollars as it has been done elsewhere. We also do not intend to litter the site or your email box with copious third party advertisements.

It’s really a little to early to tell what all the costs are of creating an awesome fitness and sport professional community. I can tell you this, that we are working to make it extremely useful for not only travel but also your business or career and that it will allow both of those foundations to be enhanced with greater communication and access to information.


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