Just a little update… I’ll continue posting it here since even though you all are rather quiet, I see we are averaging about 100 pros each day who are coming by the blog.

With various COMMUNICATION suggestions being the most popular requests for the Fitness Pro Travel web site, I am working closely with those far more technically advanced to see what we can do. Not all cheap or easy, but I think we might have some sweet feature possibilities. I’ll know more and have a few more details on this in a couple days.

Additionally, to one extent or another we will address: Information and options for fitness education, creation of further detailed information on each resort location, attempting a method for auto notification of date/location releases, feedback forms, program review & options for business development, posting boards for employment & education… and we’ll continually be adding tweaks.

Like the title says these are not all easy… and in reality it’s a matter of not easy. The one thing we are learning in this process is that the technology folks can do just about anything… if you are willing to pay the price. We will be looking through a cost / benefit vantage in addressing each of these. While I/we have reviewed somewhat similar online communities, programs, functionalities, & services that have been suggested for FPT I cannot… do not foresee fee’s being imposed of several hundred dollars as it has been done elsewhere. We also do not intend to litter the site or your email box with copious third party advertisements.

It’s really a little to early to tell what all the costs are of creating an awesome fitness and sport professional community. I can tell you this, that we are working to make it extremely useful for not only travel but also your business or career and that it will allow both of those foundations to be enhanced with greater communication and access to information.