FYI – We are attempting several phase 1 changes to the fitness pro travel account. It’s really quit exciting to actually see as some of the new features begin to show themselves. It’s 10:45pm here on the West Coast and I’m playing email tag with Matt (the knowledgeable techie) as we begin to implement some of the basics.

If you log into your account now you will see some of the menu items that will go beyond the basics very soon. The new features are very robust and will enhance your experience, your business & career, and your knowledge. As a community with many opportunities for communicating and learning, we will all benefit. It’s a technical and fairly expensive processes, but in the end, it will not only be your working vacations that will be enriched.

You may have intermittent difficulties logging into your accounts as some of the changes occur. We plan to do the majority over the holiday weekend to cause the least disturbance.