Survived a very BUSY 5 days in Vegas

I attended the NSCA conference for a little self education and of course to cover several necessary CEC credits for my certification. Great time, met several new people, and walked away with a few new exercise tactics that will enhance the fitness business. NSCA is generally not a “business of fitness” type conference, but those new tactics are based on research and will ultimately provide greater results to my clients… greater results = greater “word of mouth… and you won’t ever get better marketing than having current & former clients/students walking around showing off your good work.

At the same time (or inbetween sessions) I ran the tram down to the other end of the strip to hang out at the Fit Bodies expo hall booth. Between walking the hall and meeting numerous other vendors as well as answering questions at the Fit Bod booth… well I don’t know which was more fun.

Met several current traveling pros and enjoyed the fact that EVERY other fit pro that stopped by the booth was not only intrigued by the traveling program we work with, but actually had a harder time coming to grips with the “to good to be true” fear. They learned of No Catch and I am certain we will have many more joining that community this next week.

We did get some real work done as well with several evening meetings on how to sort out the many new features we will bring to the fitness pro travel web site. There are many, and more that will be added soon after. What we did complete this week was putting together a couple simple, amateurish, informational videos for the community with Suzelle talking a bit about each property you have options of traveling to. Many people, in their comments about the site, simply wanted a little more description of the properties and this was the easiest way to supplement the information that is already there. The Fit Beach conference was also discussed and finalized information will be posted for this years November event soon.

I’ll get the video formatted and posted this next week and will give you some opinions on most practical and purchase worthy items of the expo… Anyways, it was a fun but tiring week. I have lots of new material to blab about here, but first I should unpack and get things back in order here.