Several days back from the Vegas conferences and I’ve almost got my desk cleared. It’s funny how life doesn’t slow down much even when you start a new and significant project. The kids still want to go places and their coaches don’t think I should be able to take the day (or two) off from driving them to practice. Oh well, such is life.

Thought I’d share this little video clip with a few scenes from the IDEA conference. Lou Ann hung out at the Fit Bodies booth most of the time and did a great job of spreading the word about the Fitness Pro Travel program. Next was Tony who has traveled in the past and stopped by the booth several times to meet Suzelle (she’s quite the celebrity). The final portion with Missy and Marianne is a little advice for teaching yoga at the Hedonism resort.

Finally, I want you to know that we are still working on the upgrades and additions to the Fitness Pro Travel website. Seems that every time we talk about it, something new (and cool of course) gets added to the agenda. I am putting together a series of short videos that explains where we are heading in a bit more detail and how various options may work well for you and your career or business…. I encourage you or the friend you tell about the site to sign up soon as the one consistent piece of our discussions is that any fee options will be offered at a steep discount for those in the system who sign in to those fee options during the initial launch. That reminds me of another consistent discussion topic; You will always have the option of free access to your account and the travel opportunities.

More to come on that stuff soon.