I’ve talked here in the past about the many uses of online networking. I had stayed away from Twitter specifically, only because I couldn’t imagine that anyone would be that interested in the multiple updates and happenings of my life or even the business functions we provide on the frequent basis that Twitter seems to call for… Well I have several friends and colleagues who are on it now and the peer pressure is getting to me. http://twitter.com/fitlaunch

I encourage you to come find me and teach me, learn with me, or try something new. I will be sharing the Twitter account with my wife Amy (who is the much more intelligent Fitness Professional of the partnership) so you will see blips directed at friends, enthusiasts, and professionals. We can split those functions into separate accounts in the future if the business functions and uses of Twitter become so great that  you all want that stuff out separate from the gibberish of our daily lives.

Twitter (Twitter.com) is like an e-mail that enables you to create and connect to what are referred to as your twitter tribes or raving fans. In the case of your business marketing it can be your prospect list, customers, business builders or leaders in the industry.

The cool thing is that Twitter also allows you to connect directly to your twitter community via their mobile phone.
So how can you use this tool to build your social contact or business?

  • 1. Send messages about upcoming events to your organization.
  • 2. Let prospects know about new announcements about your opportunity.
  • 3. Let customers know about new product developments.
  • 4. Reach out to industry leader’s, network and expand your sphere of influence.
  • 5. Strengthen your bond with your team.

LinkedIn, Ecademy, Ryze, Social median, Twitter, Plurk, Blogging, Posting, Tweeting, Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, Forums, soon to be Fitness Pro Travel and more – there’s a whole new world of Internet Marketing out there and if you’re not taking part, you could be missing out.

Find Me http://twitter.com/fitlaunch