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Technology is absolutely great and while it can be overwhelming keeping up, the benefits to our personal and business lives is growing almost daily. I’ve preached it here before, but I recently found that the simplest of alphabetic errors can unravel the works.

What I found is that the difference in an ‘M’ vs. a ‘m’ within a web site address is the difference of looking like a swell guy leading you to a great opportunity and a goof who sends you to a ‘page cannot be found’ ‘404 error’. If you’ve attempted to sign up for our affiliate program we built with Magic Kitchen between early August and now… well you know which one of those two guys I have been.

The page address was coded wrong in the sign up form with a small ‘m’ rather than a capital ‘M’ ( . Apparently that throws things off a bit. Health & fitness pros were signing up at 5-10 per month before that. Almost two months later and no sign ups, finally caught my attention.

If you tried and never heard back or hit an error I appologize. It’s a good program for you and your clients. If you decide to check it out again (or for the first time) let me know if you hit any hurdles. I have goofed more than once and it will probably happen again, but I think we are on track with that program again.

We’ve talked here about diversification and automation as two tools to enhance and make more efficient our businesses. EMyth and 4 Hour Work Week are two suggested reads on these subjects.

Healthy Gatherings was our attempt at diversifying our programs back in 2003 and has proven to be a nice fit. It has also proven to be a great value to those consumers who have utilized it.

You’ve probably seen mentioned on one of our sites that just this summer, we began offering the program up for licensing to fitness professionals outside of the North West. Actually, we’ve been relatively quiet about it as there are many details to be handled when bringing something like this to a much larger audience… Well we made one of the steps much easier for us and those interested in operating this business program.

We automated (at least for providing basic information on the program to the fitness professionals)

If you have any interest, you can go to the Healthy Gatherings business opportunity webpage to find out how you can run your own fitness parties, provide products without holding large inventories, and make a difference to the majority of the population who will not becoming to visit you in the facility.

Check it out. No obligation. And, now that it’s automated… it’s easy.
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  • Twitter – 422% growth in 12 months (2.3m monthly visitors)
  • Facebook – 100% growth in 12 months (38m monthly visitors)
  • LinkedIn – 146% growth in 12 mnths (10.8m monthly visitors)
  • MySpace – Flat growth (61.3m unique visitors)
When addressing the needs and desires of our clients or students, we the fitness professionals need to learn to take a back seat. The sooner the realization is made that who we are and what we know actually matters very little when it comes to gaining new clients, the sooner our client lists will grow.

It is not infrequent, if you look around at your professional peers and possibly yourself, that you will find beautiful fliers, brochures, and websites detailing out the attributes of the trainer, coach or instructor. We love to list all those letters after our name. We talk about the years of experience and the locations we’ve worked.

They don’t really care.

You may be the world’s greatest, most experienced wonderful trainer, but it has little to do with why clients would hire you.

The potential client is not looking at you or your marketing materials to hire a trainer. They are not out hunting for a coach or instructor either…. They are searching for solutions to their individual challenges and emotional needs.

It’s true. They are not waking up in the morning feeling they just have to have a personal fitness coach. They are waking up and feeling the pain from the activities of life. They desire to wear a particular size dress again. They want to be better in their favorite sport… They don’t want you, they want what you can help them achieve.

Market to their ambition and desires. Don’t make your marketing all about you, your business, or your accomplishments. They want a person who will deliver on their deep seated desires.

To Your Fitness Biz Success,

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As I’ve said in the past, I/We have beaten our heads against the wall in developing many of the programs and partner offerings that are now available on the Fit Pro Biz web site.  One of those areas we are developing a program for now has to do with the operation of “BootCamps”.

I believe these programs have been miss labeled with bootcamp truly being one format option in running what are truly ‘session classes’, which is the business model. Now, I know I need to come up with a more hip name than session class to get this idea to stick, but the principle is legit.

Fitness professionals have been limiting themselves in the way they offer these programs. The current trainings out there would most often suggest that bootcamps are only for personal trainers and require the wearing of camo. I am looking forward to introducing this model to not only trainers, but also showing group fitness instructors, coaches, and yoga professionals how to incorporate this business model into their offerings… If you want to be notified when that program is ready, let me know and I’ll keep you in the loop.

We just today started our most recent bootcamp program. It is geared around the Centennial Trail in Snohomish. We are trying something new this time around and I believe it will be a great asset you may consider yourself.  We’ve created a specific blog just for the camp to further the healthy learning of the campers as well as encourage communication, allow them to tell others about their workouts, and over all develop further enthusiasm for the camp. You can find that at Follow along and let me know your thoughts or opinions on the ‘bootcamp’.

In Health – Tom

I just recently learned of a Harvard Professor, Andrew McAfee via a Hub Spot blog. I spent some time reading through his blogs on Enterprise 2.0 and Web 2.0 (I think I’m turning geek 😉  His post “is this the end” had a quote from Vaclav Havel, whom I remember reading about in his turn from author to politician while in college. Through the ending of the cold war and the political changes to the Eastern Block that followed, Havel became the President of Czechoslovakia.

While I remembered Havel, I did not recall a quote that Professor McAfee utilized. Havel had said, “seek the company of those who search for truth [and] run from those who have found it.”

Then dissident Havel was speaking on a couple levels primarily concerning the politics of the time, the quote holds very true for the many areas of our personal, social, and business lives… Including multiple levels within the fitness industry. We are all human, incapable of perfection, and when any of us think we have all the answers, it’s only a matter of time before it’s proven we do not.

My college football coach Frosty Westering used to say, “when you’re ripe your rotting, but when you’re green you’re growing.” What happens to the ripe fruit? It gets picked and the reign of that fruit on the tree is over.

That same coach used to constantly drill into our heads that football seasons AND life are not about reaching a destination, but enjoying the journey. We would enjoy every battle, learn as we go, and attempt to change and improve for the next battle.

I believe that President Havel and Coach Frosty both taught me a similar lessons, admire those who are green (growing/learning), enjoy the ups and downs of the journey, and realize that as soon as you ‘think’ you’ve reached the destination the glory is fleeting and you are ripe for the picking.

Do you see how this relates to exercise techniques & programming? In your business as a fitness professional are you continuing to develop your offerings? Are you the ripe old expert who knows the only ‘right way to do it’?

Stay green & enjoy the journey.

I could regurgitate pieces of a short video I just watched by Eben Pagan on becoming more productive. It was a great “meat and potatoes” presentation that has several great pieces of advice. In doing that though, I’d probably screw it up leaving key pieces out. He’s a much smoother communicator than I.

Instead I give you the address to go view it yourself. It does require you to sign in to view it, but it’s totally worth it. I’ve sat through a couple presentations by him before and if by some weird chance you don’t see his correspondence as valuable, it’s simple to jump back off his list. I highly suggest you check it out… Love to know what you think also.

Eben Pagan Productivity Video –

In a recent article it was stated “The most important factor to be considered is addressing the issue of “what will the product or service DO for the user?””

While at some point the customer may care what your specialties are, where you were educated, and how long you’ve been in business… but, if they don’t see or hear what’s in it for them, they won’t be sticking around long to bother with those items.

How many times have you seen some ding dong without a proper credential to their name selling products or services hand over fist to your own friends, family, and clients? 

Keep this in mind when placing content to your website and marketing materials. You will see a difference soon after if you’ve been talking about your virtues as a fitness professional or business before the customer benefits.

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