I just recently learned of a Harvard Professor, Andrew McAfee via a Hub Spot blog. I spent some time reading through his blogs on Enterprise 2.0 and Web 2.0 (I think I’m turning geek 😉  His post “is this the end” had a quote from Vaclav Havel, whom I remember reading about in his turn from author to politician while in college. Through the ending of the cold war and the political changes to the Eastern Block that followed, Havel became the President of Czechoslovakia.

While I remembered Havel, I did not recall a quote that Professor McAfee utilized. Havel had said, “seek the company of those who search for truth [and] run from those who have found it.”

Then dissident Havel was speaking on a couple levels primarily concerning the politics of the time, the quote holds very true for the many areas of our personal, social, and business lives… Including multiple levels within the fitness industry. We are all human, incapable of perfection, and when any of us think we have all the answers, it’s only a matter of time before it’s proven we do not.

My college football coach Frosty Westering used to say, “when you’re ripe your rotting, but when you’re green you’re growing.” What happens to the ripe fruit? It gets picked and the reign of that fruit on the tree is over.

That same coach used to constantly drill into our heads that football seasons AND life are not about reaching a destination, but enjoying the journey. We would enjoy every battle, learn as we go, and attempt to change and improve for the next battle.

I believe that President Havel and Coach Frosty both taught me a similar lessons, admire those who are green (growing/learning), enjoy the ups and downs of the journey, and realize that as soon as you ‘think’ you’ve reached the destination the glory is fleeting and you are ripe for the picking.

Do you see how this relates to exercise techniques & programming? In your business as a fitness professional are you continuing to develop your offerings? Are you the ripe old expert who knows the only ‘right way to do it’?

Stay green & enjoy the journey.