When addressing the needs and desires of our clients or students, we the fitness professionals need to learn to take a back seat. The sooner the realization is made that who we are and what we know actually matters very little when it comes to gaining new clients, the sooner our client lists will grow.

It is not infrequent, if you look around at your professional peers and possibly yourself, that you will find beautiful fliers, brochures, and websites detailing out the attributes of the trainer, coach or instructor. We love to list all those letters after our name. We talk about the years of experience and the locations we’ve worked.

They don’t really care.

You may be the world’s greatest, most experienced wonderful trainer, but it has little to do with why clients would hire you.

The potential client is not looking at you or your marketing materials to hire a trainer. They are not out hunting for a coach or instructor either…. They are searching for solutions to their individual challenges and emotional needs.

It’s true. They are not waking up in the morning feeling they just have to have a personal fitness coach. They are waking up and feeling the pain from the activities of life. They desire to wear a particular size dress again. They want to be better in their favorite sport… They don’t want you, they want what you can help them achieve.

Market to their ambition and desires. Don’t make your marketing all about you, your business, or your accomplishments. They want a person who will deliver on their deep seated desires.

To Your Fitness Biz Success,

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