Technology is absolutely great and while it can be overwhelming keeping up, the benefits to our personal and business lives is growing almost daily. I’ve preached it here before, but I recently found that the simplest of alphabetic errors can unravel the works.

What I found is that the difference in an ‘M’ vs. a ‘m’ within a web site address is the difference of looking like a swell guy leading you to a great opportunity and a goof who sends you to a ‘page cannot be found’ ‘404 error’. If you’ve attempted to sign up for our affiliate program we built with Magic Kitchen between early August and now… well you know which one of those two guys I have been.

The page address was coded wrong in the sign up form with a small ‘m’ rather than a capital ‘M’ ( . Apparently that throws things off a bit. Health & fitness pros were signing up at 5-10 per month before that. Almost two months later and no sign ups, finally caught my attention.

If you tried and never heard back or hit an error I appologize. It’s a good program for you and your clients. If you decide to check it out again (or for the first time) let me know if you hit any hurdles. I have goofed more than once and it will probably happen again, but I think we are on track with that program again.