The 2008 Presidential Campaign is very different from any in the past, and it’s not only because of ethnicity and gender. 21st Century marketing techniques are being employed and many are taking notice… are you as a fitness professional taking notice?

What I’m talking about is the Obama Campaign and their tactics to reach potential voters. They have done the old school stumping to “get out the word”, but the have also embraced nearly every form of media to spread the message as well.  He has definately embraced new school marketing techniques and it apparently is making a difference.

Chris O’Brien of the IdeaLab commenting on what the news media can learn from the Obama Campaign – “That’s an important lesson that every newsroom should learn. During the past year of research for The Next Newsroom Project, we identified six principles that newsrooms should adopt. One of those calls for newsrooms to embrace all platforms. It’s not enough to simply say, “Hey, we want to be online first.” Instead, think about how to use all platforms equally: mobile, the Web, print, broadcast (radio and TV). And be ready to experiment with any new ones that come along, including video games.
It’s critical that a newsroom understand its community, where they are, the different ways the get news and information, and how they consume it in those different ways. …”

From total views to number of subscribers on You Choose ’08 (at youtube) — the presidential election channel that launched in March ’07 — Obama wins by a landslide.

The Obama campaign probably conducted the most prominent mobile efforts during this election cycle. Over the summer, users were invited to provide their mobile numbers on in order to be among the “first to know” about Obama’s VP pick. Response to that effort was generally positive.

Both candidates are well-supported by organic [search] listings; overall, however, official Obama sites still generate six times more traffic than McCain’s do.

Facebook let loose its own 2008 Presidential Election application, with election news updates and debate groups. Through a partnership with ABC, the socnet’s youthful user base can follow reporters’ articles, videos, and blog posts from the campaign trail.

Facebook also began a “fans” page within the site about a year ago. Here is a list of the top fan pages:

Facebook Fan Page Number of fans
Barack Obama 2,197,833
Michael Phelps 1,625,018
Batman: The Dark Knight 921,322
Facebook 834,624
Coldplay 797,558
Windows Live Messenger 757,932
Adam Sandler 750,262
YouTube 729,349
Apple Students 699,099
Linkin Park 686,898

BTW – Our Fitness Pro Travel now has a Face Book Fan Page (as of yesterday) – Your Invited!

The take home message in all of this is that Barack Obama, in his bid for Presidency has used all tools available to “market” and reach out to his potential voters.

You, the fitness professional, need to do as Barack did and utilize the multiple platforms to market your message. Your potential prospects are changing in where they get their discission making information. Are you there with them?