As I mentioned a couple days back, we just returned from the 2008 Fit Beach Conference. It rocked as always and because there is so much play (networking) time involved (while staying on site of a 5 day conference) one of the greatest benefits was regularly socializing with active leaders in the Fitness Industry.

Being one of the organizers of this conference I have to mention a few folks that went above and beyond this year. As always there are hiccups in scheduling and for one reason or another (sickness, family, etc.) extra coverage of a previously scheduled presenter may be necessary.

This year was no different.

All presenters are great, but five deserve a mention as they jumped in to give more than was expected:

  • Bernadette Mansfield – Thanks for covering the additional resort classes as needed (more than once)
  • Wayne Martin – Thanks for simply doing extra afternoon yoga classes just because a resort guest asked and one wasn’t on the schedule
  • Rick & Rocco Vizarri – Thanks for spending several extra hours in the pool providing additional swimming technique classes in addition to the scheduled programs
  • Gay Gasper – Thanks for jumping in to provide coverage for another presenter who was not able to make it for an early week scheduled workshop

It’s amazing how much can be accomplished, when no one cares who gets the credit….. Thanks