My excitement has been building lately for the new Fitness Pro Travel features being developed. Since we asked for your feedback on site changes that would enhance your fitness travel and business several months back, it has been a pretty steady road of research, building new fitness connections, building new business connections, request for proposals, networking, testing, reworking, and so on.

While that has made things hectic it has been and continues to be a great learning experience.

We have been able to address the majority of your thoughts and have developed future plans off of those to continue the community enhancement project. CEP? Think we should call the project by the abbreviation? 🙂  It’s going to rock.

My most recent excitement has come from several industry leaders who have added their insight to the project as of late. Those contacts have been very valuable and it looks like we’ve found a way to share much of their insight with the group.

Several have offered to throw in bonuses to coincide with the launch of our new features. That means that we all will receive some great content from fitness and business experts that will benefit each of us in addition to the new features and that’s without any cost. I know I’ve benefited by working with them and am certain you will as well with their offerings.

It looks like we are literally down to our last month before we present the results of these (phase 1) changes. Several items are completely done and we are testing them now. Others are nearing their completion. Be watching your emails in the next couple weeks for information on sneak peaks that will give you a look inside and an idea of how these new features may be utilized.

This project has not only been exciting, it’s also been nerve wracking. While I know the principles and features can directly benefit your personal, travel, and fitness business, it’s tough not second guessing and doubting the investment from time to time. I’ll leave you today with a quote from French writer Anatole France that has come to mind more than once during the process.

“To accomplish great things we must not only act,
but also dream;
not only plan,
but also believe.”