Outbound Marketing is the “push” style marketing used for many years to reach potential clients.  Inbound Marketing, on the other hand, is the art of utilizing social media opportunities to encourage potential clients to come find you. It is the opposing “pull” style of marketing.

Monitor, interact, and influence your athletic or fitness prospects in social media settings and draw them back to your arena (website) with a trusted, transparent, “friendship” bond.

Consumers are extremely savvy these days and with the many tools the internet provides, they have many locations to gather information on you and/or your company. Pushing your sales message is easily discarded and ignored.  Allowing them to know you and your business through social media will build trust through transparency and encourage them to call on you when they or their connections need your product or service.

HubSpot is a company that has several tools and informational pieces to help you to enhance your inbound marketing efforts. You can check out one of their promotional videos below – enjoy.