Since most readers of this blog are involved to some extent with the Fitness Pro Travel programs, I feel it’s a little necessary to warn you on potential hazards of travel to tropical locations with loved ones.

It’s not a warning like you won’t have fun, meet new people, and enjoy a great trip at an affordable price

Canon Video Camera the Air Broke

Canon Video Camera the Air Broke

because of your fitness specialty. It’s a warning that you may lose cherished memories and be out an expensive piece of equipment.

Getting the warning and the gripe off my chest.

Recently took new Canon FS10 video camera with me to the Fit Beach Conference in Negril Jamaica. Went down working well, most of the week it worked well, but on the last day of trip the screen displayed only white and no other functions would work.  One fortunate item was that I had saved all items to a SD Card rather than the units hard drive.

On return I talked to Canon repair rep. All sounded good. Package and send to repair center… only the cost of shipping. No problem.

Got the unit back today with same issue occurring. Note said unit had water damage.

Called the repair center and after a long discussion I was told to buy a throw away camera or a higher end water proof version (told prices as high as $8000) for vacationing in humid locations.  Does canon make some great “throw away” camera?

Their final say was that high humidity was water in the air… duh. And, that if any water collects on the inside of any electronic equipment it will ruin it… got it.

The surprising part was that they refused to stand behind product to fix or replace because the atmospheric air (without rain) caused “water damage” that is specifically excluded in the warranty terms.

My conclusion is to not buy another Canon, prevent my friends from making similar mistake, and to cause a small social media ripple of pain to the big company that just cost me more than $400.

I feel much better now… thanks for listening and please pass the message along.  New benefit suggestion for blogging in your business or personal life… therapy.