Now that I have office computers functioning again along with the websites and their emails I thought I’d take an hour or two today to look into another area of social media that I have been reluctant to spend much time on. Many of the internet marketers that have my ear have been pushing for involvement in social bookmarking for your business and I thought I’d finally check it out. Social bookmarking as it turns out is rather simple to do (especially if you make the simple and worthwhile step to a firefox browser) and can be useful and beneficial to your business.

Bookmarking as we all know, is something that you click on your own computer to keep track of useful websites. It works great for just you.

Social bookmarking uses a website platform to do the same task, but with a few advantages.

  1. You can access the list of links from any computer
  2. You can share the list of sites you find of value
  3. You can create at least one link that will come back to your own web site
  4. You can view the links to websites that others have found of value

In the end it looks like this will be a valuable yet simple tool. I encourage you to take a look at, Reddit, Digg, or one of the other bookmarking sites. Give it a shot for it’s usefulness as well as another avenue to potentially generate traffic back to your offerings.

Following is a very short and very simple video I found that shows you how to set yourself up an account and utilize this type of website. Hope you find it as useful as I did.