A great blog post from Chris Brogan throws out some thoughts on how we utilize Twitter.


If You’re Sticking Around

Here are some thoughts for you, should you decide you want to spend a little time on Twitter and hang out with other humans.

  • Follower count doesn’t matter. What matters is who you follow.
  • Instead of answering “What are you doing?”, answer “What has your attention?”
  • Conversations are way better than “new blog post” tweets.
  • Share the good stuff when you find it. (Hint: your blog isn’t always the good stuff.)
  • If it feels like too much work, you’re either doing it wrong, or maybe you don’t need to be here.
  • The best folks to follow on twitter is highly subjective. Use Twitter search to find the folks who might think like you.
  • Twitter is a communications platform (like a phone). It’s not a marketing channel. It’s a phone that can be used like a marketing tool, if that’s your angle.
  • It’s an opt-in platform. Use it however the hell you want. If we don’t like it, we don’t have to see it.


It’s a great tool and Chris is a knowledgable leader in this arena. Check out Twitter, hook up with me there, and consider the above perspective as you begin to use this interesting tool.