fpt-titleIt’s been crazy getting to this point… The point at which I can actually see the completed project and envision the many ways the newly Super-Charged Fitness Pro Travel website will enhance the working vacation travels, businesses, careers, and education of the sport and fitness professionals who are members of the community.

Today is the first of several informational offerings that will begin to introduce you to the many new features of the community at Fitness Pro Travel.

Follow this link (FPT Re-Launch) to see what I’m talking about.

Phase 1 is awesome and will give you many tools to stay a head of the pack in your fitness or sport business, be aware that we have phase 2 laid out and ideas for phase 3. Your feedback is important to how we shape the future and usability of the community.

More details will be delivered shortly and I hope you will comment here if you have questions along the way. In approximately two weeks, we can all communicate in the new site with relative ease.

~~ Side Note ~~

Suzelle & Denise will be back from Mexico in the next couple days. You will also hear from her on the specifics of their exciting trip (that generally means more property options). She will also video or audio information for you in this process on how she sees these new features specifically benefiting your working vacation experience.

http://www.fitprobiz.com/launch-1.html to learn more of where we are and where we are heading at Fitness Pro Travel.