The growth of social media over the past two year continues to pick up speed. 30-60 thousand new members per day at face book speaks loudly. 400%+ growth of twitter screams for you to listen… Your customers are there and therefore you should be there.

Not always “selling” but simply making connections and letting the sales take care of themselves.

FPT Launch Info #2

The next generation of social media will provide greater opportunities and tools for business networking.  Because of this we have attempted to be at the front of that curve. By following the link to further information on what is coming with the “re-launch” of Fitness Pro Travel you will get your first look inside.

The features you will find, I believe, will be of great benefit to you as a fitness professional. You will find the tools to effectively network with a very large community of fitness and sport professionals inside.  You will also find the upgraded features for simply doing as we have all done at Fitness Pro Travel for the past 6 years, researching and selecting all-inclusive working vacation opportunities.

Head over to Re-LAUNCH INFORMATION PAGE 2 for details and get ready for the new site going live sometime next week.

PS – Be sure to follow through to the bottom to view the bonus webinar on using social media for business.

PPS – Also know that while the blog tool is shown to you today, tomorrow I will have completed a special interview with a leader in the blogging world and will post the recording here. It will include some great keys for you in operating your own blog AND why it is so essential to have one.