It is getting very close to the end of the new Fitness Pro Travel site feature series.  I do hope that if nothing else you have enjoyed the bonuses logo1provided along the way.

Along with some of the most important information being released today dealing with the Business of Fitness, I am stoked to present you with a couple more bonus items from two big time leaders in their areas of expertise… Be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the launch information page to access those items.

I’m keeping the blog post fairly short as the content most of you have come by today to see can be found on a separate webpage. I’ll provide the link one more time near the bottom.

Many of your recommendations have been implemented, as it seems to be primarily tweaks to make it best fit your needs at this point. 30 Fitness Pro beta testers have been a big help as well.

Your emails have gotten me fired up and I really appreciate them. This is going to be a beneficial resource to the entire community and I do believe when word gets out there will be many more following your lead to gain access.

If you have an account there now, you will be considered one of the “Founding Members” and special pricing and bonuses are available to you during the launch period. Do consider acting sooner rather than later as certain features are capped as to the numbers that can participate. Read on with the information page for those details and stay tuned as we are only a couple days away!

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