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Generally speaking, I love my sleep time. I definitely think and feel better throughout the day if I get enough of it and even better if a cat insomnia-tomnap presents itself as well. There are even plenty of research studies that scientifically prove that our mind benefits and much of what is accepted in the fitness industry is based on scientific research… So, what the hell am I doing out of bed so early today???

It’s 5:05am and I’m sitting in a dark home office typing away. It was just a little over an hour ago when I first rolled over in bed and the eyes would no longer stay closed.

No appointments until afternoon, morning basketball not going to run because of the newest delivery of snow that must have started around 1am, and I’m certain the kids will be running at least two hours late for their school schedule. I’m thinning I’m sleeping in… NOT.  (side note, call came in while writing this, school all out canceled)

So now to decide if there is a reason behind this blog post or is it just an opportunity to whine?

I don’t have much whining to do even though I’m not all cozy in bed. With the house quiet and only the cat bitching for a little food I am getting a lot done and there is a lot to do (probably part of the reason there was no going back to sleep).  What I am realizing is that I’m getting quite a bit done and even have time for this blog post. With this new efficiency I am reminded of a program I went through by a guy named Eban Pagan.

Eban spent some time doing a video series on time management and one of the primary keys to getting more done is the elimination of multitasking. I found this hard to believe at the time and even if it were to be true, the day to day activities of a father, husband, business owner, coach, board member, etc. made it impossible to accomplish. I did and do take him at his word and the research that went into making those claims on efficiency. I have and do attempt to block tasks together. I don’t jump at email every-time the little envelop pops up. I let many calls go to voice mail and in the end I am able to stay on task a little more often.

But, if you want to take it to another level, try this insomnia thing out. Having no one else in or around the office, phones off, only you folks on the East Coast to worry about sending emails at this time, or God forbid calling… Well it’s a great benefit to your productivity and it’s getting me one step closer to having the new and improved fitness pro travel site ready for release.

Insomnia – It does your Business Good?

Not only does life seem a little crazy because it’s the holiday season, but with Fit Bodies adding new resorts and positions and the continued building of new features to Fitness Pro Travel, well… lets just say many of my days have run into the evening and night.

Don’t get me wrong. I know that with this or any other businesses, busy is good.

My intent is to stay busy as well, even during a recession.

I think part of the reason for the continued requests for our “business” services is because I/we continue to market our offerings and concentrate on the customer. It’s proving beneficial in attaining more resort positions for Fit Bodies as well as more consulting, training and consulting clients for FIT Launch.

In an article written by Paul Van Erem he pointed out, “…a series of six studies conducted by the research firm of Meldrum & Fewsmith showed conclusively that advertising aggressively during recessions not only increases sales but increases profits. This fact has held true for all post-World War II recessions studied by The American Business Press starting in 1949.”

I intend to run with that 100% track record and with our local training business I have only seen it proving true thus far.

Market aggressively, network continuously, and treat your customers like royalty.

PS – The new FPT features include a number of programs that can be utilized to assist your business development. I’m looking forward to showing you how they work over the next several weeks and you can expect completion of those features and their operation made available within the site very early in January. (just in time for new years resolutions)… You want an early look? Be sure to sign into the mailing list at Fit Pro Biz

A couple great videos found.  Actually found both because of social media connections. One was sent to me from a twitter connection and the other through an RSS feed.The first speaks to the building of your personal brand via social media from Gary Vanerchuk (adult language) and the second is an entertaining twist from the folks at HubSpot on InBound marketing.

Both made me laugh, but it could be the geek in me that enjoys internet marketing and the viral power of a passionate presentation and simple re-mix.

I encourage you to attempt to join this webinar, which is brought to you by HubSpot… They finally realized we are officially in a recession. This does greatly effect large and small businesses within the fitness industry. HubSpot is a group I listen to a great deal when it comes to learning innovative techniques and trends for 21st century marketing tactics. Let me know if you make it and your thoughts.

Marketing in a Recession

December 5, 2008
12-1PM EST (GMT -5)

Marketing in a Recession

Register Now

In a recession, marketing budgets are often the first to get slashed. For many that means cutting programs, cutting spending, cutting staff in order to make it through the economic downturn. But marketing in a recession isn’t about marketing LESS, it’s about marketing BETTER, SMARTER. This webinar will share techniques for marketing more efficiently and effectively, particularly on a tight budget.

Topics include:

  • Strategy for marketing in a recession
  • Tips for getting the most out of a tight marketing budget
  • Inbound marketing techniques to generate leads efficiently and inexpensively

Space is limited so reserve your seat now.

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"bootcamp" or "session class"?

"BootCamp" OR "Session Class"

Spending quite a bit of time on the business side of fitness (nationally/internationally) and having the ability to watch as my wife implements various programs or marketing tactics within our local operations, gives me an interesting perspective. I see much of what is being offered as business education & programs to the fitness professional and I have the opportunity to create and test our own.

It’s pretty simple to see that within the fitness industry a lot of attention has been paid to the personal trainers while the group fitness instructors seem to be going the opposite direction.

Programs like Mega Marketing, BootCamp Blue Print, or Fitness Business Revolution each are targeted to the Personal Trainer and the list goes on.

These programs can all be made applicable to the group fitness and yoga professionals if you are willing to look at your fitness specialty as more than just a part-time job working for a club. Personal trainers are figuring it out and it might just be time you do as well.

Tell me, which certification is geared toward group training?  I’ll give you the answer; The one that has the word “group” in the title. That being the case, why is it that small group training and “bootcamps” are dominated by the personal trainers?

Trainers are using these formats to generate incomes of well over $100 per hour. They are taking advantage of internet marketing and building lists of participants that they can continue to market to into the future. They are also diversifying their business and offering related fitness products, supplements, information, etc.

Group Session Classes of any Format

Group Session Classes of any Format

I do not see the Group Fitness and Yoga Instruction professionals doing the same thing at all. They seem to be content to work only for the facility and are missing out on many opportunities that are available to them.

You are trained to create group programs, monitor participants of various levels, and to safely provide modifications for all to actively participate.  Because of the focus of these training on groups, YOU are the best qualified to be leading the “bootcamp” (actually, just session classes) styled programs.

There are several reasons personal trainers are utilizing group training tactics outside of the standard gym setting only and you should too:

  1. 85% of the population does not belong to a fitness facility.
  2. 60+% of the population is overweight or obese.
  3. The diet industry is huge. The fitness equipment industry is huge. The anti-aging movement is huge and growing. – bottom line is that people are spending lots of money on things you can actually provide.
  4. Group trainings lowers the per person cost to participants. You will make more dollars per session/class while charging individuals less.

You are leaving money on the table, allowing your brothers & sisters from the personal training side of fitness to eat into what should be primarily your client base.

These programs are not rocket science and will help you reach more people and make a greater amount of income. We are working on a program specifically for group instructors to help you get started as well as others to catch you up to speed on bringing your expertise outside of the group fitness studio.

Your thoughts and feedback are greatly encouraged as these programs are finalized. You know the questions and concerns you have with branching out and I’d like best to ensure they are addressed. Post your thoughts here or send them to me at

While I encourage personal trainers to get training to work with larger groups and add these types of programs to their offerings list, you the group fitness instructor have a few advantages right off the bat and I’d love to see you take advantage of them.

  • You are trained specifically to work with groups of various fitness levels.
  • Group fitness instructors generally have the ability to offer multiple formats of classes. BootCamp is only one style that can be performed in a gym, field, or apparently a combat zone. Just because this is the primary format that personal trainers have attached themselves to doesn’t mean you can’t take your other formats outside the standard gym setting or offering structure.
  • I believe it is generally easier for a person who has picked up the principles and abilities important to group fitness to get further training and diversify themselves as personal trainers rather than the other way around. What you do is not the same, but it is similar. A small amount of related training will make you very proficient and capable to run these programs.

I hope you consider what you may have been passing up. You have skills that can be provided in many different locations, can reach many fitness needy lives, and these skills can be utilized to generate a great deal of income for you and your family with minimal extra work.

If you want to learn more about how to start these programs as a group instructor, let me know your interest.

togetherSo, myself and the majority of the online business/marketing community have been singing the praises of social media for the past many months. I think for the most part it is rightfully so. But, I’ve been sensing this overwhelming feeling of overload lately.

That overload was made apparent today when I received two diffent invites to two different “fitness professional” social media websites. Wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t for the fact that I am aware of at least 5 other “internet’s biggest fitness professional’s community” sites already.  And, of course in the name of research I have an account at each. UHG!

I like the idea of taking advantage of technology to essentially “network” with like minded people. There is much power in it and that is one of the main reasons you will see this ability at the Fitness Pro Travel site in the very near future.  There are now multiple turn-key ready to go platforms available to begin a membership or social networkings website, which in turn has led to a 2008 onslaught of thousands of these member sites.

With so many coming into the market there will certainly be winners and losers. The measuring stick will not be the number of accounts in each community, but the number of active accounts.

Remember the Junior High dance when the walls were lined with kids, but the dance floor was empty. There were many more bodies there than at the local small club with an occupancy of no more the 100. But at that

School dances had some benefits

School dances had some benefits

 bar you generally find an active group socializing and taking advantage of the music and the dance floor. Maybe it was the addition of booze, but the point remains. 🙂

The winners in the niche specific online social networking game will be those who possess and include the features that provide their audiance multiple reasons for joining in and participating. The is most like the smaller group in the happening bar rather than a Junior High Dance.

Finally, those winners will be the ones who can best adapt to the desires of the community. They must accept that in this new online social world they are actually just facilitators for those who become the leaders in that community.  Website leadership will be best displayed by those who are willing to pass leadership to the community (Tribe, as Seth Godin would say) and realize they are more in the role of facilitator.

My suggestions for you:

  1. Continue to try out multiple social networking sites, both industry specific and general. Learn of the various features of each and then migrate to those who are in line with your wants and needs AND seem to listen to the community for direction.  Don’t allow yourself to become overwhelmed as you can always pull back and pay attention to only your most pertinent ones.
  2. If you are looking to diversify you business and want to offer membership or community online programs, realize that the best leadership in this new world may be the ability to get out of the way and facilitate. There is much to it as we have discussed in the insiders club, so do your homework if this is your goal.
  3. Lastly, feel free to bring your comments, opinions, frustrations, and desires back to the table as we open up the social media at FPT in the near future. I can EASILY admit I don’t know it all and would love to hear from the community and play the role of facilitator.

Social media tools will not be going away, although I do believe we’ll be coming up on a sorting of those sites before long. It’s time to start getting excited about the features we are adding at FPT that include social media. If you want to rally your current student/client/athletic group into a social media or membersite checkout the resources HERE or contact me to get info on the next time we run a program on getting these systems started.

Your Health & Business Success

As I mentioned a couple days back, we just returned from the 2008 Fit Beach Conference. It rocked as always and because there is so much play (networking) time involved (while staying on site of a 5 day conference) one of the greatest benefits was regularly socializing with active leaders in the Fitness Industry.

Being one of the organizers of this conference I have to mention a few folks that went above and beyond this year. As always there are hiccups in scheduling and for one reason or another (sickness, family, etc.) extra coverage of a previously scheduled presenter may be necessary.

This year was no different.

All presenters are great, but five deserve a mention as they jumped in to give more than was expected:

  • Bernadette Mansfield – Thanks for covering the additional resort classes as needed (more than once)
  • Wayne Martin – Thanks for simply doing extra afternoon yoga classes just because a resort guest asked and one wasn’t on the schedule
  • Rick & Rocco Vizarri – Thanks for spending several extra hours in the pool providing additional swimming technique classes in addition to the scheduled programs
  • Gay Gasper – Thanks for jumping in to provide coverage for another presenter who was not able to make it for an early week scheduled workshop

It’s amazing how much can be accomplished, when no one cares who gets the credit….. Thanks

Last two weeks have been insane… In a good way.

If you follow the mailing list you are well aware of the daily onslaught we had of new working vacation resorts and resort positions added two weeks ago at Fitness Pro Travel. Rumor has it that onslaught may not quite have simmered down yet.

Wayne Martin leading a Yoga Workshop on the Grand Lido Deck

Wayne Martin leading a yoga workshop on the Grand Lido Deck

Good news for you if you like the affordable travel options.

As you can see by my lack of blog attention last week, it was another busy week. This week was filled with

fun and education at the Fit Beach Conference we assist the Fit Bodies company in putting on in Negril, Jamaica.  I’ll post more on those highlights soon.

There is always a ton of learning going on when you have a gathering over a 5-7 day period in and out of the conference sessions. Participants not only get class time with industry leading professionals, but also a couple dinners, lunches, beach time, evening outings, etc. for added question, answer, and networking.

… It’s tough to express the true value of these get-a-way events.

I also ran through a short book during the week by Seth Godin, “Tribes”.  Quick and easy read. If you are interested in how the ever evolving social media technologies are effecting how your clients/members/students are making decisions and gaining information, this might be right for you. I’m sure I’ll hit more on this in the coming weeks.

… Better yet, if you want an idea of the features you’ve heard me mention we are working on and are getting crazy close to activating on the Fitness Pro Travel site, this book will paint a pretty good picture. It was pretty cool to read a “hot off the presses” book that reflects the feed back we got from our “tribe” and encourages the activities and features we are “no turning back” into building.  (whew)

I am on a coaching mailing list for Ryan Lee. He’s a very well respected fitness industry internet marketer. Following is a portion of the email I received.

“… During the ride, as my kids were napping, my wife
was listening to a home-study course. She’s has
her Ph.D. in Psychology and bought a specialty
program for fun.

This program is features just one tiny chapter
on “marketing”.

And do you know what the first thing the program
covered in her marketing session?

If you guessed Internet marketing or referrals
or email marketing – you’d be wrong.

She talked about “Yellow Page Advertising”.

Can you remember the last time you did research
in the Yellow pages?

If you are marketing your products and services,
you need to be where the people are searching
for you — and that’s the Internet.

There are so many ways to market yourself on
the Internet.

Here are just a few…

-Article marketing
-Affiliate programs
-Video marketing
-Pay per click advertising
-Joint ventures
-Social media (twitter, etc.)
-The list goes on and on…”

Ryan is correct in suggesting there are MANY new ways that clients search for you these days. If you are not on line, you should be. If you are not taking advantage of one or more of these inbound marketing features, you should be.

I know the confusion if you are just getting started and the fear of great expense when getting yourself set up, but there are many options of which many are free.

I am very excited for the new features that are coming to the Fitness Pro Travel site. The modern elements of internet marketing and social media are coming to a place that is familiar to most of this blogs readers.

You will hear more on this in the coming weeks and I look forward to helping you use these new community tools to push your business to a new level. Many details will be provided to you and opportunities for joining into a coaching club. Those numbers will be limited, so if you feel that coaching is in your future, make it known so that you can be on the front of that notification process.

Currently on of the best and fastest growing new tools out there is Twitter. Because I swiped Ryan’s email copy I must give him props and suggest you hook up with him there. Ryan Lee on Twitter.  Check out his other programs HERE. You can also find me out there. Tom Bomar on Twitter.

I have a link for you today and it goes from this blog to another blog. This guy, Chris McCombs, I don’t know personally, but have read some of his fitness marketing materials and taken other classes from the same people he has. My impression is that he knows his stuff and is worth checking out.

His post may resonate more with some of you than others, but I’m willing to bet to some extent it does with all. It’s a little kick in the a** with some great thoughts on the perspective of a fitness business owner… any business owner.

Check it out

About a month ago we talked in this blog about the way in which bootcamps have been implemented by trainers. It was also mentioned that this offering has been dominated by personal trainers, when that does not necessarily have to be the case.

“bootcamp” can be many different things

Aren’t you group fitness professionals trained to work with groups?

With the economy taking a big ole dump on all of us, I often think about how other fitness professionals are handling it. What plan are they putting in place to retain and secure new clients? How are they going to make their services more cost effective to their clients and not devalue themselves?

As disposable income becomes tighter and tighter, the $45-$100 per training session is a tougher sell. Adapting to the situation is key for the professional. Those who do not come up with cost effective solutions will lose their clients, current and future, to those trainers who do adapt.

The group training and session (bootcamp type) classes are one answer that we utilized. It is far more cost

effective to the consumer, actually easier for the fitness professional to implement, and ultimately more profitable for the fitness professional as well.

Group fitness and personal trainers and yoga instructors and athletic coaches all need to consider utilizing this style of programming. Without making this or a similar adaptations, you are jeopardizing you current and future client base.

If you are unsure on how to go about getting a program started in your area there are several options for help out there. Several training programs exist. Some I’ve checked on and think are great and others… well not so great in my opinion.

We are working on putting together a simple video solution that will get you through the fundamentals of operating session programs in your community. They can be operated in or out of a facility and even if you’ve always worked for a club you will be given an easy template for developing this entrepreneurial endeavor.

The upside is huge and with the economy… necessary.

So, if you’d be interested in this program let me know. I’m not certain of all the details we will implement into the program, but I do know there will be some element of interaction. A book or video training does you no good if you don’t have avenues for getting questions answered.

The group size will be limited to facilitate the interaction. It will be a first come situation and if you express your interest now before it’s offered, you’ll be given the first shot at getting in.

It’s not that crazy hard. If you’re intimidated because you see other trainers have already started don’t be. You’ll develop a system, work the system, and prosper along with your many new clients.

… stay tuned.

I read a number of blogs on fitness, business administration, and marketing. I continually head out to different seminars or partake in a webinar or two each month. These keep me informed, but also have helped me realize that there are many out there who are much sharper than I in their respective fields.

So, how do I get by???

This small realization leads me to pass on a few pieces of advice:

  1. Learn from people and business outside your own – the reflection time afterward often shows you how their experiences, programs and business models relate specifically to your own.
  2. Take advantage of partnerships, again with business from within and businesses from without your industry. Joint venturing may create the sharing of profits from a great idea, but it will also increase your reach and make yourself known to a wider audiance.
  3. You must take action! We can attend conference after conference, webinar after webinar, and learn a ton. We can have multiple ideas for reaching new clients. But, unless we take some kind of action, they will never have a chance to know about any of it.

As an already educated and certified fitness professional, I’m going to suggest you go backwards on the above list. Start with point 3. You are already seen as an expert in the eyes of the public and they need to know and benefit from your expertise. Let them know you are there. Actively work the club, actively communicate with local businesses, actively attend and participate in community groups, actively utilize the web and the many vehicles therein to share the benefits you can provide…. Are you catching the theme here yet. It’s all simple small ways to market yourself.

Take action and watch your reach grow and business proper.

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