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We are in the process of moving a number of our offerings to new servers. It’s rather exciting, but also a little insane. I am certain that in the end we will provide you greater speed as you utilize our sites and it will provide us greater abilities to enhance/expand services.

The process of doing this apparently isn’t quite as simple as flipping a light switch.

For those of you that are fitness professionals our FIT Launch and Fit Pro Biz websites are down temporarily while this transfer occurs. For those of you that are enthusiasts & clients the Fitness Gatherings and Wellness Together sites are down.  ACK

Fit Pros – Stay up to date or contact us here at the blog as necessary

Enthusiasts – Stay up to date or contact us via that blog

All schedules and programs will be back up soon for your easy reference and utilization… Sorry for the inconvenience.

To start this blog post off, I want to refer you to an article. It was written by Tim Kerber covering the social media phenomenon Twitter. He’s way smoother than I in getting a point across so if you want to learn about tweeting on twitter and how it can benefit you personally as well as your business. Check it out.

A little bonus that was found with a google search (also picked this one up from Tim) is the discount code CHH3. It’s time to renew a couple internet domain names and pick up a few others. I primarily work with GoDaddy for domain registration and that discount code saved me $18+ on the order. Not bad. If you use GoDaddy, give it a shot.

If you are just deciding to finally jump into the internet game (creating your web presence & social media connections), the following is some great advice on what he would do if starting from scratch.

Are you tweeting already? Let me know how you are using it or even how/why you’re not. You can always find me there at


Since most readers of this blog are involved to some extent with the Fitness Pro Travel programs, I feel it’s a little necessary to warn you on potential hazards of travel to tropical locations with loved ones.

It’s not a warning like you won’t have fun, meet new people, and enjoy a great trip at an affordable price

Canon Video Camera the Air Broke

Canon Video Camera the Air Broke

because of your fitness specialty. It’s a warning that you may lose cherished memories and be out an expensive piece of equipment.

Getting the warning and the gripe off my chest.

Recently took new Canon FS10 video camera with me to the Fit Beach Conference in Negril Jamaica. Went down working well, most of the week it worked well, but on the last day of trip the screen displayed only white and no other functions would work.  One fortunate item was that I had saved all items to a SD Card rather than the units hard drive.

On return I talked to Canon repair rep. All sounded good. Package and send to repair center… only the cost of shipping. No problem.

Got the unit back today with same issue occurring. Note said unit had water damage.

Called the repair center and after a long discussion I was told to buy a throw away camera or a higher end water proof version (told prices as high as $8000) for vacationing in humid locations.  Does canon make some great “throw away” camera?

Their final say was that high humidity was water in the air… duh. And, that if any water collects on the inside of any electronic equipment it will ruin it… got it.

The surprising part was that they refused to stand behind product to fix or replace because the atmospheric air (without rain) caused “water damage” that is specifically excluded in the warranty terms.

My conclusion is to not buy another Canon, prevent my friends from making similar mistake, and to cause a small social media ripple of pain to the big company that just cost me more than $400.

I feel much better now… thanks for listening and please pass the message along.  New benefit suggestion for blogging in your business or personal life… therapy.

True, True.

You’re up against a crazy “fix it fast mindset” if you are a health & fitness professional.

Check it out:


Mentioned a few days back that there are several social media sites I’m involved with, if for no other reason than to check out features that may be beneficial to our Fitness Pro Travel community.

So, part of that fine research includes participating in a community that is being lead by Dax Moy. He’s a fitness professional out of Australia, whom I can tell has had some marketing experience and is trying to take advantage of social media benefits.

The VERY nice thing about Dax is that he seems to still care deeply about the client and not just the dollar. I’ve been through several marketing programs, online and offline, and I can’t help to feel a little dirty from time to time as money tends to be the only motivator for many marketers (not all). That’s not always best for the client/customer and I don’t think it’s good for the fitness professional as well.

Here is a video that Dax posted on his blog that is inspirational and speaks to our motivation and our principles. It was made in conjunction with a products he is involved with, of which I know nothing about. You can check it out if you like, but the video is just under 4 minutes and stands fine by itself.

Here’s a little FYI for you and/or your clients & students. and Dave Scott, renowned coach and 6-time Ironman Champion, jointly announce a drawing where one winner will receive a case of Master Amino Acid Pattern (MAP) and a weekend of personalized triathlon training with Dave Scott in his hometown of Boulder, CO. Ten runners-up will each win a bottle of MAP, a TIMEX watch, a pair of LOOK socks, and a Dave Scott Nutritional DVD.

This drawing is for anyone wanting to take on the challenge of racing in a triathlon and wanting to learn from The Man. Dave will work one-on-one with the winner on each discipline – correcting biomechanics and advising technical changes. He will provide direction on seasonal training cycles, sport-specific strength training, exercises to prevent injuries, peaking for races, improving transition time, tapering, nutrition and being more mentally prepared for your race and more.

The main winner and the 10 runners-up will be announced online on the Dave Scott at and at on March 12, 2009. The winner will be contacted for scheduling of the 2009 personal training weekend with Dave. You can sign up at the Body Health website.

** Because one of those sponsors offers similar products to ours, and I’d hate to have you looking for any of those items elsewhere… We’ve put together a promo coupon code that will run beyond Christmas and to the second most important birthday (mine). That’s January 28th, 2009. (I accept birthday cards and gift cards 🙂

Enter the coupon code “competition” on any order of $25 or more and you will get a $10 discount at Healthy Gatherings on checkout.

Looking for ways to encourage clients to maintain their workout program. The list of reasons is long, but, possibly, at the moment, more important than worrying about developing plaque in your arteries, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, some cancers, loss of physcial function, etc. etc. may be their ability to receive emergency help in a crisis.

-Here is an interesting fact/policy they may need to know –

A tramatic accident can happen at any moment and will when you least expect it. The emergency services team in your area will respond to provide you whatever life saving care is necessary. That care may include a quick helicopter ride to the nearest trauma center.

….. will your client be considered for this mode of transportation?

In the last month, a NorthWest, air rescue company sent out notice to all local emergency services informing them of weight restrictions for medi-vac. No, I don’t recall specifically what the physical girth measurments are where you become inelligable (for flight safety reasons and available space in the helicopter), but I do know they begin asking specific question when the patients estimated weight is above 250 pounds.

This is being written on the blogs first day of existance. Soon I know there will be a large number of fitness professionals who happen by this location and I expect it to get a little crazy from time to time. So, I thought it might be nice to say hello and welcome while things are a bit quieter.

In the next week or so, just after June 1st we will release this and our partner’s blog locations to the thousands of active fitness professionals within the Fit Launch, Fit Bodies, Fitness Pro Travel, and the Fit Pro Biz communities. I expect a few of you reading this found your way here via those organizations. Glad you made it!

There are several reasons for establishing a blog communication system at this time. As you may know or will soon hear we have many changes, additions, upgades, and new services coming to our Fitness Pro Travel program. I hope to answer several of the questions that will arise from those changes in mass through regular posts here. Suzelle will be doing the same from her new blog

I know you will enjoy many of the new account offerings and options and I really hope to get your feedback so that we can continue to build features that are of benefit to you, your business, and your career.

Check back regularly and I’ll be talking with you soon.

Oh, and BTW – This is Tom Bomar. Many of you I have worked with directly at Fitness Pro Travel. I am a certified strength and conditioning coach, but via other education and experience I work a great deal on the technical side of the programs as well as business consultation for fitness professionals and related companies. You can find most of my activities at the Fit Pro Biz site.

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