Tools & Resources to help your fitness business excel:
The following programs are offered from some of the very best marketing, sales, and systems professionals in the fitness industry. For many years we bucked the idea of strategic systems to run programs and gain clients. I can remember thinking that if I had this certification with the great letters after my name, they (potential clients) would be pounding on my door. Not the case. Check these out or find a mentor who can assist you to ensure you understand the key elements in attracting and retaining clients – students – athletes.

Fitness Business Revolution
– The Ultimate Fitness Professionals Business Success Success System. Top Business Product For Personal Trainers Co-authored By Alwyn Cosgrove

Fitness Riches
– 17 Of The Fitness Industry’s Top Professionals Share Their Insider Tips For Building A Successful Fitness Business. Best Selling Fitness Business E-book Of All Time.

Instant Tele Seminar
– WEBINARS, TRAININGS , group interaction, over the web. We found it’s really not all that difficult once we learned of ITS.

Marketing for Fitness
– Having a system for ATTRACTING NEW CLIENTS is essential. It will help you track and make adjustments to how you bring in new business. If you are looking for a ‘turn key’ system that you can utilize, check out

Go To Mega Millions Page
Mega Marketing cuts through much of the fluff and provides specific  systems” you can utilize to give your business / career a sustainable boost. The bonus is that it’s moderately priced.

Healthy Gatherings Rep
Join a growing team of fitness professionals in this wellness education program