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Below is a summary of the Fit Pro input on the Fitness Pro Travel site and the services it provides. Not included were numerous questions or points of confusion that some people had on where to find things. The single point from that is the realization of a need to clarify certain points and duplicate pieces of information to other areas of the web site. This process is the beginning of that.

Some items may be cost prohibative from creating their functionality other items are simply out of our control. I can tell you this, we will mull over each of these and ponder ways to achieve as many as possible… The fun part is that we have a few additional ideas that encompass some of these and a few others that were not mentioned at all, but we believe you may like.

Feel free to comment on any of the listed items below. We are ALWAYS open to suggestions and will be adding additional features in the future as we most likely will upgrade Fitness Pro Travel in stages.

On behalf of myself and Suzelle (who should be back from the Caribbean shortly) thank you for all your input!

Comments & Questions for the use of the Fitness Pro Travel Service.
Response Percentage
Request or Suggestion Description
With Our Comments Below
19.5% Find some way to reduce airfare             
Wish we had control of this. We continue to research options.
13% Remove potential for being bumped from resort  
Resort controlled issue. They at time have bumped paying guests. Will continue discussions
10% Ability to comment between Fit Pros
Looking into technical requirements for providing this
9% View class schedule for the resort before purchase
Resort controlled and sometimes they change without notice – will post last known schedules
9% Ability to post photos from trip
Looking into technical requirements for providing this
8% Feature for select pros advanced notice of date releases
Looking into technical requirements for providing this
6% More resort options            
Always on the look out for this. Have a contact, we’d be happy to talk with them
4% Have resorts promote pro’s more            
We encourage resorts to this before & during your stay. We realize they often don’t.
4% Change travel days to other than Sun to Sun
Resort controlled issue. Sun to Sun matches their weekly entertainment & marketing sched.
4% Change gift fund to paid gift fee for all resorts
We are encouraging resorts to accept this. Some are still resistant.
4% Ensure resorts use gift fund on their fitness equipment
Resort management determines gift fund use. We encourage & advise upkeep on fitness supply
1-3% each prefferred user discounts, t-shirts, easier search features, resort eval on FitPro, details on music, reduce # classes each day, etc.
These plus 10-15 other individual suggestions. We are considering them all in addition to the above. There were also numerous procedural questions and items that needed to be explained. Some answered directly and others in a previous blog post.
Comments & Questions for the Fitness & Sport Professional Business/Career
18% More time to escape for travel            
This really summarizes all the below. As a FitPro diversifies their income and adjusts their business model, and we learn from each other, more time is available for these other interests. 
15% Keepin up with fitness world, fads, products – advice
We’d like to find a way that our community of FitPro’s can help each other out on this      
9% Enhanced Networking abilities            
Several communication ideas offered. Technical side may be difficult, or exp. But we’re checking  
8% Marketing, and related personal business advice
Common theme relating to business development            
5% Insurance            
Many sources available. We are checking on group rates as well. Already have travel insurance    
5% Getting new clients            
More business development            
5% Quality usable education programs  
Fit Beach is available now. We are researching other options for the community
5% Client motivation            
Business and Education related            
5% Knowing other pros for subing partners
Networking and communication            
<5% becoming a presenter, website presence, club management, FitPro review of ed. Workshops, how to align with a product, sharing routines, starting a business
Heard a lot from the personal trainers and group fitness instructors in this area. Tennis coaches & yoga instructors, has this developed any ideas within your specialty?





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