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To start this blog post off, I want to refer you to an article. It was written by Tim Kerber covering the social media phenomenon Twitter. He’s way smoother than I in getting a point across so if you want to learn about tweeting on twitter and how it can benefit you personally as well as your business. Check it out.

A little bonus that was found with a google search (also picked this one up from Tim) is the discount code CHH3. It’s time to renew a couple internet domain names and pick up a few others. I primarily work with GoDaddy for domain registration and that discount code saved me $18+ on the order. Not bad. If you use GoDaddy, give it a shot.

If you are just deciding to finally jump into the internet game (creating your web presence & social media connections), the following is some great advice on what he would do if starting from scratch.

Are you tweeting already? Let me know how you are using it or even how/why you’re not. You can always find me there at

I am on a coaching mailing list for Ryan Lee. He’s a very well respected fitness industry internet marketer. Following is a portion of the email I received.

“… During the ride, as my kids were napping, my wife
was listening to a home-study course. She’s has
her Ph.D. in Psychology and bought a specialty
program for fun.

This program is features just one tiny chapter
on “marketing”.

And do you know what the first thing the program
covered in her marketing session?

If you guessed Internet marketing or referrals
or email marketing – you’d be wrong.

She talked about “Yellow Page Advertising”.

Can you remember the last time you did research
in the Yellow pages?

If you are marketing your products and services,
you need to be where the people are searching
for you — and that’s the Internet.

There are so many ways to market yourself on
the Internet.

Here are just a few…

-Article marketing
-Affiliate programs
-Video marketing
-Pay per click advertising
-Joint ventures
-Social media (twitter, etc.)
-The list goes on and on…”

Ryan is correct in suggesting there are MANY new ways that clients search for you these days. If you are not on line, you should be. If you are not taking advantage of one or more of these inbound marketing features, you should be.

I know the confusion if you are just getting started and the fear of great expense when getting yourself set up, but there are many options of which many are free.

I am very excited for the new features that are coming to the Fitness Pro Travel site. The modern elements of internet marketing and social media are coming to a place that is familiar to most of this blogs readers.

You will hear more on this in the coming weeks and I look forward to helping you use these new community tools to push your business to a new level. Many details will be provided to you and opportunities for joining into a coaching club. Those numbers will be limited, so if you feel that coaching is in your future, make it known so that you can be on the front of that notification process.

Currently on of the best and fastest growing new tools out there is Twitter. Because I swiped Ryan’s email copy I must give him props and suggest you hook up with him there. Ryan Lee on Twitter.  Check out his other programs HERE. You can also find me out there. Tom Bomar on Twitter.

  • Twitter – 422% growth in 12 months (2.3m monthly visitors)
  • Facebook – 100% growth in 12 months (38m monthly visitors)
  • LinkedIn – 146% growth in 12 mnths (10.8m monthly visitors)
  • MySpace – Flat growth (61.3m unique visitors)

I’ve talked here in the past about the many uses of online networking. I had stayed away from Twitter specifically, only because I couldn’t imagine that anyone would be that interested in the multiple updates and happenings of my life or even the business functions we provide on the frequent basis that Twitter seems to call for… Well I have several friends and colleagues who are on it now and the peer pressure is getting to me.

I encourage you to come find me and teach me, learn with me, or try something new. I will be sharing the Twitter account with my wife Amy (who is the much more intelligent Fitness Professional of the partnership) so you will see blips directed at friends, enthusiasts, and professionals. We can split those functions into separate accounts in the future if the business functions and uses of Twitter become so great that  you all want that stuff out separate from the gibberish of our daily lives.

Twitter ( is like an e-mail that enables you to create and connect to what are referred to as your twitter tribes or raving fans. In the case of your business marketing it can be your prospect list, customers, business builders or leaders in the industry.

The cool thing is that Twitter also allows you to connect directly to your twitter community via their mobile phone.
So how can you use this tool to build your social contact or business?

  • 1. Send messages about upcoming events to your organization.
  • 2. Let prospects know about new announcements about your opportunity.
  • 3. Let customers know about new product developments.
  • 4. Reach out to industry leader’s, network and expand your sphere of influence.
  • 5. Strengthen your bond with your team.

LinkedIn, Ecademy, Ryze, Social median, Twitter, Plurk, Blogging, Posting, Tweeting, Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, Forums, soon to be Fitness Pro Travel and more – there’s a whole new world of Internet Marketing out there and if you’re not taking part, you could be missing out.

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