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fpt-titleIt’s been crazy getting to this point… The point at which I can actually see the completed project and envision the many ways the newly Super-Charged Fitness Pro Travel website will enhance the working vacation travels, businesses, careers, and education of the sport and fitness professionals who are members of the community.

Today is the first of several informational offerings that will begin to introduce you to the many new features of the community at Fitness Pro Travel.

Follow this link (FPT Re-Launch) to see what I’m talking about.

Phase 1 is awesome and will give you many tools to stay a head of the pack in your fitness or sport business, be aware that we have phase 2 laid out and ideas for phase 3. Your feedback is important to how we shape the future and usability of the community.

More details will be delivered shortly and I hope you will comment here if you have questions along the way. In approximately two weeks, we can all communicate in the new site with relative ease.

~~ Side Note ~~

Suzelle & Denise will be back from Mexico in the next couple days. You will also hear from her on the specifics of their exciting trip (that generally means more property options). She will also video or audio information for you in this process on how she sees these new features specifically benefiting your working vacation experience. to learn more of where we are and where we are heading at Fitness Pro Travel.

 Well, the first early notice I’ve sent on new happenings at the Fitness Pro Travel website went out yesterday morning to the News and Notice list. Within an hour of that notice I was contacted that we have another coming on line this week.
I don’t know that I’ll be putting out notice every time we get new properties & positions, but since I started it this morning figured I’d follow up on today’s happenings.
First, looks like a another property coming on line in Mexico and for that matter there are high hopes for a couple few more. No details on the final specialty positions requested, but it should be on the site later this week.
And, within two hours of getting notice of this new MX location…. Another call from an old friend came in.
Breezes Runaway Bay contacted us to add the position of Golf Professional to their requested pro list. This is the first golf position requested, so it is rather exciting.
If you know of a golf pro or two, your referral to create an account at fitness pro travel would be appreciated. We’ll have that position and specialty criteria posted later this week as well.
Now, I’ll be working to get those done asap… Fit Beach begins next week and there are several details to complete before heading back to Jamaica.
Busy week.

Several days back from the Vegas conferences and I’ve almost got my desk cleared. It’s funny how life doesn’t slow down much even when you start a new and significant project. The kids still want to go places and their coaches don’t think I should be able to take the day (or two) off from driving them to practice. Oh well, such is life.

Thought I’d share this little video clip with a few scenes from the IDEA conference. Lou Ann hung out at the Fit Bodies booth most of the time and did a great job of spreading the word about the Fitness Pro Travel program. Next was Tony who has traveled in the past and stopped by the booth several times to meet Suzelle (she’s quite the celebrity). The final portion with Missy and Marianne is a little advice for teaching yoga at the Hedonism resort.

Finally, I want you to know that we are still working on the upgrades and additions to the Fitness Pro Travel website. Seems that every time we talk about it, something new (and cool of course) gets added to the agenda. I am putting together a series of short videos that explains where we are heading in a bit more detail and how various options may work well for you and your career or business…. I encourage you or the friend you tell about the site to sign up soon as the one consistent piece of our discussions is that any fee options will be offered at a steep discount for those in the system who sign in to those fee options during the initial launch. That reminds me of another consistent discussion topic; You will always have the option of free access to your account and the travel opportunities.

More to come on that stuff soon.

Reading again through the Dosh Dosh blog today, I see the topic of social networking (web 2.0). Knowing that this subject is becoming near and dear to my hear, and hopefully yours as well (more on this later), I’d like to highlight some key points.

According to a recent study of 2 million people and 8 million phone calls over one year, researchers discovered that the cause of persistent relationships is reciprocity – returning a friend’s call. The more often you call each other, the longer your relationship.

The results of this study showed that the strongest building of meaningful relationships developed from the reciprocity (returning of the calls). The value of this relationship building process can and should be utilized in the world of web 2.0 “social netwroking” and social networking should be utilized in your fitness professional life.

If you haven’t jumped in the game yet with myspace, twitter, facebook, linkedin, you tube, plurk, or another of the hundreds of social networking sites… you need to. Not only do these vehicles of communication increase the quantity of interactions, but according to the study those with a greater quantity of communication in relationships did not lose out and actually had a greater depth and quality in their relationships. There is incredible power in this with greater relationships, marketing, knowledge, and reach through social networking.

I’m happy to say that we (Fit Launch & Fit Bodies) are attempting to not be too much behind the curve on this very subject. Change is in the wind on the fitness pro travel website. We’ve been discussing several additions, upgrades, and changes to the site over the past couple months. Some we have integrated in the backend that you may not readily notice (ie. photo’s are now automatically resized for you) others (addition of travel insurance options, changes to faq information) are more easily noticed. We have many more items under consideration and several more in the works. We want this site to be useful to you in multiple ways while still maintaining the core working vacation opportunities.

We’ll be talking about this more so start collecting your ideas now! Tell us what you want within that site. How can we make the community better? What related services would help you in your business and career? What features would help you on your working vacations? Do you have a need for classified adds, products, education, self promotion, etc, etc, etc.? We have well over 5000 fitness professionals actively using our system… feel free to turn this into an open brainstorming session. If you’re not comfortable with comments here you can provide your input at

We certainly don’t have the financial resources of the big social networking sites listed above, but I believe we can learn from their’s and others businesses to make this site useful to each of us in many ways.

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